About TLC

The TLC Educational Facility is confident that you and your child will enjoy and benefit from our center. Feel free to ask questions and give suggestions, at any time. The Facility is designed to provide a safe, creative, and intellectually stimulating environment for your child. We strive to provide an atmosphere which encourages mutual respect and appreciation for all participants. The Facility supports diversity, and accepts children from all races, nationalities, creeds and ethnicities. Every child in our care enjoys all rights and privileges of The Facility’s Programs, with out exception.

The Facility hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Our Philosophy

The purpose of the facility programs, are to provide a safe, healthy environment that encourages learning and social development for all children. The primary focus of each program is to instill our young students with a lifelong desire for learning. The Facility seeks to make your child comfortable and excited about learning new concepts, while encouraging self-confidence via each child’s successes.

We believe that learning should be a fun, yet focused process with clear, established goals to determine success. In addition, we believe in the value of every child learning at his or her own pace. It is this belief of individuality that prevails throughout every aspect of our educational curriculum, wherein we will help your child to succeed and grow with focused attention on each child’s needs. At the same time, we stress setting high expectations for each child. We help children to succeed by providing a clearly sequenced curriculum that creates building blocks for skills and knowledge.

Admission Policy

People who telephone or stop by for information about The Facility will be provided with a brochure, providing basic information and a typical day’s schedule. A waiting list (name, address, telephone number, and date of birth of child) will be maintained to notify parents about vacancies. Families who wish to guarantee the next available opening at The Facility may do so by providing the above information and pre-paying the registration fee.

Program Description

The Facility has been designed to provide a safe, creative, and intellectually stimulating environment for the young child. The children are surrounded by an atmosphere of respect and appreciation for each person, with particular attention being paid to each child’s own developmental pace. The following is a list, describing our program which was designed to maintain a safe and healthy learning environment:

  1. Each child is assigned to a an age-appropriate group
  2. Lesson plans specifically address the needs of each age group
  3. Each age group is exposed to a wide range of learning experiences which corresponds to the ability level of each age group. Learning experiences include the following: * Leaming confident independence, while away from home.
  4. The Facility hosts a beautifully designed play yard with equipment for all levels of motor skill development.
  5. Lesson plans are made available to parents, to encourage awareness of their child’s weekly activities.
  6. There· is a ratio of one teacher to every twelve children, during class teaching activities.
  7. Developmental evaluations, at the conclusion of each year.
  8. Parent/teacher conferences available upon request.
  9. Special parent / teacher conferences, at the teacher’s/directors request.


Our weekly activities are posted on the Weekly Activity Sheet in the arrival area. The activities are balanced between group and individual play, and consist of learning activities that will help your child develop his/her emotional, physical, intellectual and social skills. The Facility strives to use its weekly activities as a forum through which these skills are developed, emphasizing that child’s age­appropriate developmental abilities.

  • Movement & Coordination

    • Physical Attention and Relaxation
    • Gross Motor Skills
    • Eye-Hand and Eye-Foot Coordination
    • Group Games
    • Creative Movement and Expression
  • Autonomy & Social Skils

    1. Sense of Self and Personal Responsibility
    2. Working in a Group Setting
  • Work Habits

    1. Memory Skills
    2. Following Directions
    3. Task Persistence and Completion
  • Language

    1. Oral Language
    2. Nursery Rhymes, Poems, Songs
    3. Children’s Literature, Read out loud
    4. Emerging Literacy Skills
  • Mathematics

    1. Patterns & Classification
    2. Geometry
    3. Measurement
  • Orientation in Time

    1. Vocabulary
    2. Measures of Time
    3. Passage of Time
  • Orientation in Space

    1. Vocabulary
    2. Actual & Represented Space
    3. Simple Maps
    4. Basic Geographical Concepts
  • Science

    1. Human Characteristics
    2. Animal Characteristics
    3. Plant Characteristics
    4. Physical Elements (Water, Air, Light, Music)
  • Music

    1. Attention to Differences in Sound
    2. Imitate and Produce Sounds
    3. Listen and Sing
    4. Listen and Move
  • Visual Arts

    1. Attention to Visual Detail
    2. Creating Art
    3. Looking at & Talking about Art

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